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Eat for the future

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Eat for the Future | with Vive
Eat for the Future
with Vive

According to environmental reports, the livestock industry produces more greenhouse gases than all transportation combined. In Vietnam, only 10% strictly follow a plant-based diet, while 44% opt for plant-based meals occasionally. Rakuten Insight Global reports 84% of Vietnamese express interest in plant-based foods for environmental reasons. Vive believes in the future of plant-based foods for a healthier, sustainable lifestyle. Through the "Eat for the Future" project, we aim to assist businesses in offering delicious, nutritious plant-based options to meet consumer and employee demands.

Our mission

Vive is committed to encouraging and supporting restaurants, corporations, schools and universities across Vietnam to include nutritious and delicious plant-based options in their menus. This initiative caters to the growing demand for plant-based meals while simultaneously offering the added benefit of reducing environmental impact. By choosing sustainable and climate-friendly meals, we aim to promote a kinder and greener way of eating.

Tham gia chiến dịch

Menu Design

Help businesses easily add new plant-based options to their existing menus.

Recipe Development

Create plant-based recipes that match our partners' culinary style and requirements.

Sustainable Development

Provide eco-friendly business consultations to help our partners lead in environmental conservation.

Seminar Organization

Organize plant-based seminars tailored to our partners' needs.

Chef Training

Provide in-depth training on specialized plant-based cooking skills for our partners' culinary teams.